Parental Responsibility concerns a parents ability to make decisions for their children.  The ability to make decisions regarding education, health care, religion and many other matters may be of great importance in high conflict cases.

Parental Responsibility is typically shared between the parents.  Depending on the timesharing schedule, some parents have agreed that they will always share in child relating decisions and others have agreed that they will each have exclusive decision making ability during their own timesharing period.

Rarely does a court grant exclusive or sole Parental Responsibility to one parent or the other.  Asking the court for exclusive or sole Parental Responsibility without a sufficient basis can be detrimental to your case.  Exclusive or sole Parental Responsibility is typically limited to cases where there is proven abuse, neglect or domestic violence.  You should make every effort to consult with an attorney prior to making such allegations.  If you think you have a case that calls for exclusive or sole Parental Responsibility, contact Michael D. Fluke, P.A. today.

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